The Vulnerability Project

Be seen. Be heard. Be you. 



Hi! My name is Ellis Hurtado (click here for more info) and I am a UCSB student in Dr. Frank's Multimedia Writing class. In this class, we had to pick a topic to advocate for. While it initially seemed like a daunting assignment, it provided me with the opportunity and platform to advocate for something I am passionate about: vulnerability.  Vulnerability? How could I be passionate about vulnerability?


I am passionate about being comfortable with vulnerability. I'm passionate about instigating dialogues, cultivating understanding, and forging intimate and fulfilling connections. I am passionate about people standing in their truth and communicating their emotions. I am passionate about people feeling comfortable being with themselves. Opening up, talking to people about our emotions and thoughts, and being our authentic selves can be intimidating and uncomfortable because one feels exposed and susceptible to judgement. The relationships (platonic or romantic) and opportunities that allow us to feel seen, heard, and understood require us to be vulnerable. I want this website to set the context for why vulnerability is needed in our society and give visitors the opportunity to try being vulnerable, even if it isn't in their own lives. I want visitors to leave this site with a new perspective on vulnerability and perhaps even a willingness to try to be more vulnerable. 


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This game is intended to offer players opportunities to be vulnerable. The character in this text-based game goes through a series of events and the player gets to make choices as the character. These choices relate to the character's communication and interpersonal situations. Through developing empathy and vicariously experiencing vulnerability, I hope players will take away a new perspective and be open to vulnerability.

*Note: The game was not able to be as long or developed as I had hoped. Because of this, I encourage players to play multiple rounds of the game, making different choices than they had made before so they can see the outcomes of choices they did not initially make.  


If you have an interest in this topic or are simply looking to have a dialogue about the topic please reach out. 

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